About- Avery's Wish

"Hi, I’m Avery and I’m 10. Last week at camp this kid said it was weird that my mom doesn't live with us and his older brother said she was a drug addict. I didn't know why he would say that but I asked my mom and she started crying. She had back surgery when I was little and then she had to leave me and my brother to go get better.
My mom is smart, beautiful, and funny. She is in recovery and has been studying addiction for the past few years. She was afraid of drugs her whole life until a doctor prescribed her medication for her back pain. My mom said she was embarrassed and sad for years and tried to hide it from everyone. I don't think anyone with a disease should hide or be sad and they deserve a chance to recover.
I saw a show about a guy with cancer that rode bikes and everyone wore a yellow wristband so he could get better. So I decided to sell wristbands for my mom and everyone with this disease so that they can have a chance to get better too. Maybe if all the kids in school and even celebrities wear them, then people would understand that my mom is not a bad person. If you don’t like this idea, that’s okay too. I understand.
I picked a tire band because my mom is the strongest person I know and I made it glow in the dark because I want everyone to know that even in your darkest moments, you are Worth Saving."
Here is Avery's list of celebrities that she hopes will wear this wristband and spread the message:
1. Harry Styles (because I love him)
2. Zendaya and Spider-Man (I love her and my brother loves Spider-Man)
3. Taylor Swift (I love her)
4. Jelly Roll (he is very inspiring and helps bring awareness to this disease)
5. Lionel Messi (because my brother loves him)
6. The guy on CNN "She means Anderson Cooper" (my mom said if they ever met they would become best friends)
7. Michelle Obama (because my mom is reading her book)
8. Joe Rogan (I don’t know who he is but my Dad loves him)
9. Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson (because they make me laugh)
10. My dad likes the Eagles… so the players on that team too!
Please help us make Avery's wish come true.
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